LATEST MODEL SEAMMAXX-PRO™ for max glass size 3000 x 2000mm [120” x 80”].



This pre-owned high performance automatic seaming line built in 2013 comes with a full manufacturer’s guarantee. This is a rare chance to acquire a fully re-built line in perfect condition, for half the price of a new equivalent.

GlasstecSeammaxxLmod2 300dpiCurrently in the straight line layout shown above with Ashton Industrial’s unique pivoting transfer station, but can be re-configured to a standard L-shape layout, (pic right shows a similar line in standard L format) specified with or without catch-up acceleration conveyors as required.


Options of on-line edge deletion and/or laser logo marking, and a new high speed compact washing and drying machine can be added.



  •   maximum glass size 3000 x 2000mm [120” x 80”]
  •   minimum 300 x 150mm [12” x 6”]
  •   glass thickness 3mm – 12mm [1/8” x 1/2″]
  •   output rate depending on glass size and final configuration up to 6 lites per minute.
  •   Offered at GBP 179,000 ex works England.

Interested parties please contact either
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Steve Ashton: Managing Director: 07976 802269 sashton@ashton-industrial.com
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