One of Egypt's largest and finest architectural glass specialists, EGYBEL Corporation in Cairo, has selected and installed an ASHTON INDUSTRIAL state of the art arrissing (seaming) line in June 2009.

 The customised configuration processes sizes up to 5000 x 2500mm primarily in thicknesses of 6 – 10 mm. Laser technology is used to create and mark data codes on random glass sizes fed directly from the breakout table, with no lifting necessary. These codes carry specific info unique to each individual pane of glass.
After arrissing and washing, panes are automatically scanned for Quality Control and simultaneously the previously lasered code is detected and read. As well as re-confirming glass size, orientation and other features, the code contains routing information which is relayed back to the Ashton PLC control system.
 Non-rectangular lites, shapes and specials are manually arrissed on the heavy duty Ashton UNIX and introduced into the line at the washing stage, while the occasional oversize panel is quickly and easily dealt with using Ashton's Easyseam hand-held cross belt arrisser.
According to that information, glass pieces destined for laminating or printing are exited to an in-line unloading station, whereas those to be tempered are side-shifted and fully automatically batched and presented to Egybel's furnace. Shapes are introduced just before the washer, after processing on an Ashton heavy duty UNIX arrisser. A further loading point, with a jogging facility to enable manual batching of previously printed / enamelled glass panels, is provided just before the furnace load bed.
All modes of operation are one-touch selectable from a high definition HTML touch screen control pad.
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