It had to happen!
Demand has been such that Ashton have now developed a concept for fully automatically arrissing (seaming) any shape of flat glass.

So what’s so special about SHAPESEAM PRO ?

No pre-programming is required, no library of shapes of data lists. It can be presented with any shape at any time in totally random sequence! Just load the glass, press the start pedal, and the rest is fully automatic.

Shapes can be non-symmetrical, and do not require any straight edges. Acute angles are possible, far smaller than any other machine. The only restriction is on concave sides, but even that is under consideration right now.

These features, and a typical cycle time per glass of 20-30 secs, along with very competitive pricing set this machine apart from all currently available equipment.

 SHAPESEAM-PRO utilises a proven scanning system that maps shape, size and location of each glass.
That data is used to steer a 6 axis robot fitted with a specially designed Ashton Industrial high performance arrissing/seaming head. A triple belt version for smoothing the flat edge at the same time, will be next.
SHAPESEAM PRO will also have the ability to be integrated with existing ASHTON SeamMaX-X ™ or FastTrak™ arrissing lines, and thereby share the same washing machine.

Maximum glass dimensions can be chosen by each customer to suit their own needs. The base model will be 2000 x 2500mm. Options can be selected to extend to 2500mm wide and/or 4500mm long.
Target date for completing the build and commissioning of the first machine at Ashton’s facility is July 2012.
This could be the most flexible, and yet least expensive automatic seaming solution ever.


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