ArrissedEdges 001The ultimate in pre-tempering technology, SEAMMAXX-PRO3™ grinds the flat glass edge at the same time as performing upper and lower seams with no additional handling and no cycle time penalty.

Using a wet diamond belt design adapted from our well proven TRIPLE-X™ 3-belt version of manual seamers, raw cut glass edges are smoothed as each lite enters the cross belt seaming stations, creating a superior fully ground, flat edge & double seam finish. This option can be simply switched off at the touch screen for selected production runs where traditional seamed glass is sufficient.



As with all SEAMMAXX-PRO™ versions, random mixed sizes direct from optimised cutting are processed at speeds up to 7 lites a minute.


A fully ground edge means:

  • Dia belts closeupEven less risk of quench breaks than before
  • Safer handling both in the factory and for downstream customers
  • higher strength, both for tempered and laminated glass applications
  • possible new markets like refrigerator shelving, shop counter dividers, louvre-blade windows
  • better aesthetics, and a great incentive for your customers to stay.



All the usual SEAMMAXX-PRO™ options can be added according to individual wishes, including fully automatic load batching for the furnace, on line laser marking, on line edge deletion and special handling options like tilting, turning, pivoting and lifting to create bespoke layouts to suit almost any floor space.


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