In addition to our popular bending service, users of HELIMA System 92 Georgian Bar can now avail themselves of a unique new service.

Cut lengths of profile with one or two ends pre-milled, ready for assembly into finished, professional-looking, rigid grilles with no visible plastic components !
Check out the benefits of milled joints :
  • Aesthetically very pleasing, traditional-looking joints rather than plastic cruciforms.
  • Extremely rigid grille construction due to unbroken vertical bars, which means no movement in the joints, reduced danger of rattling, and faster, easier handling during manufacture.
  • No visible plastic components, therefore no colour-matching problems even with woodgrain and two-tone effects. No worries about long-term effects of UV, to put your customers' minds at ease.

Just send in your cutting list on the pre-printed form and we'll do the rest ! 

Don't forget to check out our milling machines too, if you're interested in milling your own profiles.


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