ÜVEG ARGENTINA has selected ASHTON INDUSTRIAL to provide Jumbo-size high speed precision titling conveyors as the crucial link between two cutting & breaking lines and a state-of-the-art fully automatic sorting system at their new Cordoba plant.



Driven by powerful geared motors and cams, these conveyors complete a smooth yet fast tilt up or down with controlled acceleration and deceleration, in just a few seconds.


Lites are fed on to the conveyors while horizontal, directly from two air floatation breakout tables. Each lite stops as soon as its back edge is on the conveyor, and waits here until another lite is presented, and then both lites move forward. This is repeated to create a queue of lites.
Once full, the conveyors power up to the vertical and feed the lites into ÜVEG’s fully
automatic sorting system in preparation for more downstream operations.

Javier Mosna UVEG.

Our thanks to Manager Ing. Javier Mosna (pic) and the whole ÜVEG management team for allowing this press release.

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